Seabridge Gold is committed to reclaiming the historic legacy and outstanding liabilities at the Johnny Mountain Mine site over a multi-year reclamation program, with the support of the Tahltan Nation following the approved Closure and Reclamation Plan.

To date, Seabridge Gold has spent approximately $6 million to ensure that the Iskut Project is in compliance with BC Government regulations and authorizations and on restoring the Johnny Mountain Mine site. The overall objective of the reclamation plan for Johnny Mountain site is to return disturbed lands and new anthropogenic landforms to their original land use and capability of alpine tundra wildlife habitat.

Remediation work included:

Dismantling the abandoned fuel tank farm

Covering all open underground portals and vent raises

Removing hazardous materials including miscellaneous chemicals, batteries, mercury lights, and asbestos from the mill building and sending it offsite to a licensed hazardous waste disposal facility

Implementing general site cleanup

TMF upgrades and maintenance