Who is Seabridge Gold?

Seabridge Gold is a mineral exploration and development company that began business in 1999. Since then, Seabridge has been consistently focused on evaluating, acquiring, exploring and developing gold deposits in North America. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has an offices in Smithers and Terrace, BC and Watson Lake in Yukon. Seabridge Gold is focused on two major projects in BC: the proposed KSM mine and the Iskut Property in northwest British Columbia.

What is the Iskut Property? Where is it?

The Iskut Project was obtained in 2016 with the acquisition of SnipGold Corporation. The property is located in northwestern British Columbia (within the Tahltan Territory), about 110 km northwest of Stewart, BC and 30 km by air from Seabridge’s KSM Project. The property includes the former Johnny Mountain Mine and the Bronson Slope deposit.


What is the Johnny Mountain mine? Where is it?

The Johnny Mountain Mine is a closed underground gold mine located in the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia, approximately 100 km northwest of Stewart, British Columbia.

The commercial production at Johnny Mountain Mine was carried between November 1, 1988 and September 1990, and then a brief re-opening from September to November 1993.

What is the Bronson Slope Deposit? Where is it?

Bronson Slope is a copper-gold deposit located in the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia, approximately 100 km northwest of Stewart, British Columbia.

With the acquisition of SnipGold Corp., Seabridge Gold inherited two Licences of Occupation covering the Bronson Slope deposit and an adjacent property which houses the camp and storage buildings.

The Bronson Slope deposit contains a measured and indicated resource of 187 million tonnes grading 0.36 g/t gold, 0.12% copper, and 2.2 g/t silver (2.1 million ounces of gold, plus 502 million pounds of copper and 13 million ounces of silver).

What is the current status of the Project?

Currently, exploration activities are being conducted at the Iskut Project to determine potential reserves at the site. In conjunction with its exploration program, Seabridge will also continue its environmental monitoring of the Johnny Mountain Mine site, as the reclamation program moves toward returning the site to its natural state.


What is Seabridge doing to protect the environment?

To date, Seabridge Gold has spent more than $8 million to ensure that the Iskut Project is in compliance with British Columbia Government regulations and authorizations regulations and on restoring the Johnny Mountain Mine site. Surface Water Quality Program, Aquatic Characterization Program, Dam Safety Inspection, Goat Management Plan and restoration work at the Johnny Mountain site are some of the activities undertaken to date.

Seabridge will continue to focus on remediation programs for the former Johnny Mountain Mine.

How will the Iskut Property impact fish and wildlife?

Based on the 2016 aquatic characterization report, it has been established that the former Johnny Mountain Mine is not impacting sensitive downstream aquatic habit. Seabridge Gold will continue to monitor any potential impact to fish and wildlife on a regular basis.


Is the Johnny Mountain mine Tailings Storage Facility safe?

The Dam Safety Review was conducted in 2016, followed by Dam Safety Inspections in 2017, 2018, and 2019 which concluded the dam is safe and in good condition.


What impact will the Iskut Property have on the local business community?

Seabridge works with several local businesses each year to support the local economy for its various Projects. The company will maintain the same commitment for its Iskut Property.

What impact will the Iskut Property have on local employment?

Seabridge supports building a strong workforce in northwest British Columbia and finds value in hiring local residents for its Projects.