Seabridge Gold acquired SnipGold due to the exploration potential of the area and the company’s belief that additional gold mineralization will be found in the area. Iskut hosts district-scale porphyry-style mineral systems similar to our nearby KSM project. Seabridge has been conducting exploration drilling since the acquisition and completed its first exploration program on the Quartz Rise target in 2017 summer. The construction of Quartz rise access trail (total length Р5.5 km) was also completed to allow the exploration crews to access the Quartz Rise area and exit the site via road in the event of poor weather. 2018 saw a highly encouraging drilling season at the Iskut Project with evidence of a large copper-gold porphyry system similar to the KSM Project.

Exploration programs will continue at Iskut Project to better understand the mineralization potential of the site. The exploration and reclamation programs at the Iskut Project are run in conjunction, allowing synergies in program management, logistics and costs between the two program objectives.